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Chinese Medicine includes a comprehensive pharmacopoeia of single herbs and formulas for solving health problems and promoting wellness, as does Homeopathy. There are Chinese medicines and Homeopathic remedies for every stage of disease and every constitutional type. The holistic medicines featured on this website are designed to relieve symptoms associated with common illnesses and ailments. Appropriate for broad-spectrum over-the-counter use, they do not require a prescription or doctor's visit.

Working with patients over the years, I have come to rely on a select few remedies that have proven to be very effective in the treatment of symptoms associated with infections, allergies, digestive complaints, chronic fatigue, minor pain, stress and immune system disorders. My favorite remedies include herbal medicines based on patented clinical formulas used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. The homeopathic remedies included in Dr. Toni's Favorites are well-designed clinical formulas manufactured by reputable homeopathic pharmaceutical companies.

Clinical homeopathic formulas and patented Chinese medicines are designed to be side-effect free. Helper herbs and homeopathic dilutions included in the clinical formulas enhance immune regulating functions and mitigate side effects of the primary-acting components. 

My favorite remedies are used by my patients to improve health and prevent illnesses. These favorites make excellent starter remedies for the beginner, and many are featured in The Loving Care Kits that I have designed for family care.
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