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Holistic health services are provided by Dr. Toni Krehel, AP and E-Holistic Health to help you achieve your health care goals. Choose from four basic plans of service.

Comprehensive E-Consultation $75
The Comprehensive E-Consultation with Dr. Toni consists of several e-mail exchanges resulting in a recommended prescription of Chinese herbal medicines and/or Homeopathic remedies and an explanation of the treatment protocol. This service plan is appropriate for assistance with chronic conditions where a more detailed analysis of symptoms, patterns, diet, family history, lifestyle, and other pertinent information is warranted. Consultations do not include the cost of homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas or other supplements.

Holistic Medicine Recommendation $30
This service plan provides immediate help with choosing appropriate holistic remedies for your family (includes basic inquiry and two email responses). This service plan is appropriate when you are not sure which holistic remedies will best serve your needs. Dr. Toni's response includes explanation of remedies and dosage recommendations.

Basic Inquiry E-Consultation $15
This service plan provides one email response to a basic inquiry about a specific symptom or health matter.

Phone Consultation + Comprehensive $125
For more personalized care, you can add a half-hour phone visit with Dr. Toni to the Comprehensive E-Consultation service plan.

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