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Loving Care Kits

E-Holistic Health Loving Care Kits make it Easy to use holistic medicines to treat common ailments. 

Each Loving Care Kit consists of a selection of Chinese herbal formulas and homeopathic remedies that address the symptoms and underlying causes of a variety of common conditions such as colds, flu, allergies, cough, congestion and fatigue.  Each Loving Care Kit comes with handy easy-to-understand product cards that describe how and when each remedy should be used in the event of illness.  These easy-to-use instruction cards also include dosages for using holistic care to prevent infection from occurring when exposed to others who are sick or when traveling.


E-Holistic Health features both monthly and seasonal specials. If you would like to receive updates on specials please send an email with the word "SPECIALS" in the subject line to us (click here).
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