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E-Holistic Health was created for my patients and their families so they may enjoy wellness in their lives every day.

Many of my patients turned to holistic medicine after struggling with persistent recurring illnesses or chronic conditions that did not improve with pharmaceutical medications. The holistic medicines I use to help patients reclaim their health are designed to promote vitality, regulate immune functions and prevent disease. The Chinese herbs and homeopathic dilutions in these remedies have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune-boosting properties. They are appropriate for broad-spectrum over-the-counter use and do not require a prescription or doctor's visit.

While it is imperative to consult with a physician in times of severe illness or pain and when dysfunction becomes debilitating, most conditions can be resolved and poor health improved by using Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy. Health care is self-care. To avoid illness and be well, good health must be nurtured every day. I created E-Holistic Health to teach my patients how to use holistic medicines to improve their lives.

It is easy to stay well and keep your family healthy when you have the right tools. E-Holistic Health makes it easy to use holistic medicine for wellness.

A licensed acupuncture physician since 1996 (Florida AP #0812), my practice in Jacksonville, FL specializes in bio-energetic medicine and herbal pharmacology including Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Meridian Stress Assessment, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Iridology and Applied Kinesiology.

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Our Story
Our Story
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